Are Automotive Careers in High Demand?

If you’re considering a profession in the automotive industry, it could be a great choice for your future career. British car production rose by almost 10% in 2017, creating increased opportunities for automotive workers throughout the country.

An increase in demand from consumers and constantly changing technology is putting further strain on the industry and the need for extra talent is increasing. We’ve put together three reasons why automotive careers are currently in high demand.

Increase of Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles have been steadily increasing over the last five years and, by mid-2017, plug-in cars increased from around 4,000 to over almost 100,000. By 2020, electric vehicles are said to be the norm! The rise of these vehicles means there is an increase in demand for a different set of automotive skills.

Larger Demand

Over half of the vehicles made in the United Kingdom last year were exported overseas. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) have suggested that the total amount of vehicles made in the UK in 2020 could surpass two million, meaning more skills and careers are needed in order to fulfil the extra demand.

New Vehicles, New Skills

The way vehicles are made is changing. Cars have bigger and better gadgets than ever before, all of which require an entirely new set of skills. The automotive sector has evolved just like the technology in the rest of the world, meaning up-to-date, relevant and recent training is needed within the industry.

At S&B Automotive Industry, we offer a range of apprenticeships and courses to help young people obtain the skills they need for an automotive career. Whether you’re interested in body/panel repair or becoming a vehicle technician, we have the apprenticeship or course suited to you.

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